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MultiTag Extension for Sketchup

MultiTag Extension for Sketchup
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.rbz | version 1.1.240531 | Windows | Mac Download
Version1.1 (build 2024-05-31)
OSWindows, Mac
Sketchup Version2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
- added command to menu for reload visibility state,
which can be broken in some cases (for sample: component reloaded from file)
- automatic updating of the visibility on all scenes when their visibility changes
- fix updating of the visibility on the Scenes: the status of object hiding changed to set via Hidden.
Also stop use technical tag "Multitag Hidden" which was used to hide objects in earlier releases.

- added support negative expression using exclamation mark symbol "!" in forumulas

- fix: editing formula, ctrl+z not worked
- fix: incorrect window size on MacOS
- fix: compability with Sketchup 2022

- initial release

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MultiTag Extension for Sketchup

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The extension for Sketchup will allow you to freely control the visibility of objects when developing complex models, such as houses, apartments with engineering networks (water supply, electricity, etc.) adding ability to assign to entity multiple tags and control visibility using logical formula between several tag

Save time and create your design projects faster:

  • Turn on and off desired layers organizing objects into groups by types

  • Control object visibility using logical conditions:
    show "Wall" when if condition layers "Wall and (Room1 or Room2)" are enabled.


  • Organize your layers into groups by type as your wish.

  • Copy layers from object to object without searching
    by long list of tags


The extension will help you control object visibility that can belong to several layers, for example:

  • Interior wall, belongs at same time assigned to the layers "room1" and "room2" 
    and are displayed when any of these layers is active.


  • Furniture can belong to both the "room" and "type" layers, for example "Chair" or "Table" and are displayed only when both layers are active

Free 14 day Trial is available without registration and any payment, just download and install extension.

Comments and feedback is accepted on:

Sketchup Forums

SketchUcation Forum

The video below shows typical scenarios:

Purchase and License Activate:

Your license codes will sent automatically to your email after payment, 
also y
ou can find your licenses codes into MyAccount in order details.

For activate license code open 
Sketchup dialog window:

  • Extensions > MultiTag Tool > About
  • Type your email as username and license code

You can activate your code later, licensing period be started from activation date.

But be note, non activated license codes will deactivated after 14 days after purchase without refund